Army Lingo

Terms(Army Lingo)


You will start to hear terms that mean absolutely nothing to you at the moment but your child will start speaking to you in these terms. 

Here are a few meanings to the military abbreviations:


ACR – Annual Ceremonial Review (Final Parade before end of cadets for summer)

CATOs – Cadet Administrative and Training Orders

CO – Commanding Officer

CI – Civilian Instructor

CV – Civilian Volunteer

DCO – Deputy Commanding Officer (the person in charge in the absence of the CO)

DND – Department of National Defense

FMP- field messaging pad

FTX – Field Training Exercise (the cadets go camping).

Hoochie – lean-to made in the woods

IMP- individual meal packages (also known as rations).

LHQ – Local Head Quarters (Alberta Air Museum)

Parent’s Committee – The parent committee is ALL parents of the cadets. We encourage and support our kids. As well we also support and respect all the staff. See the Parent’s Committee page for more info.

Star Level – As cadets pass each level of instruction, they obtain different star levels. The first level they can achieve is green, then red, silver, and gold, {NSCE -National Star Certification Exam}.

UCCMA  - Unit Cadet Conflict Management Advisor

TrgO – Training Officer

SupO – Supply Officer

AdmO – Administration Officer

Some Additional ones...

ACO Area Cadet Officer

ACICO Area Cadet Instructor Cadre Officer

ACLC Army Cadet League of Canada

ACMBM Army Cadet Military Band Musician

ACPBM Army Cadet Pipe Band Musician

ACSTC Army Cadet Summer Training Center

CATO Cadet Administrative and Training Orders

CD Canadian Forces Decoration

CDS Chief of the Defence Staff

CF Canadian Forces

CFAO Canadian Forces Administration Order

CFB Canadian Forces Base

CFOO Canadian Forces Organization Order

CIC Cadet Instructors Cadre

CL Cadet Leader (Course)

CLI Cadet Leader Instructor (Course)

Coy Company

COATS Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Service

CQMS Company Quartermaster Sergeant

CSM Company Sergeant Major

CSTC Cadet Summer Training Centre

CTP Course Training Plan

CWO Chief Warrant Officer

D Cdts. Directorate of Cadets at NDHQ

DA Distribution Account

DCRA Dominion of Canada Rifle Association

DGRC Director General Reserves and Cadets

IG Instructional Guide

LSA  Local Support Allocation

MND Minister of National Defence

MWO Master Warrant Officer

NACSTC National Army Cadet Summer Training Centre

NCM Non-commissioned Member

NCO Non-commissioned Officer

NDHQ National Defence Headquarters

NPF Non-public Funds 5

NSCE National Star Certification (Examination)

NSE National Star of Excellence

OJT On the Job Training

PRA Provincial Rifle Association

Plt Platoon

QR(Cadets) Queen’s Regulations and Orders for the Canadian Cadet Organization

QR&O Queen’s Regulations and Orders for the Canadian Forces

QSP Qualification Standard and Plan

RCAC Royal Canadian Army Cadets

RCIS Regional Cadet Instructor School

RCO Regional Cadet Officer

RO Reviewing Officer

RSM Regimental Sergeant Major

SFC Shooting Federation of Canada

SOP Standing Operating Procedure

UIC Unit Identification Code

WO Warrant Officer


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