Important Information - Cadets with Food Sensitivities or Non-Food related Anaphylaxis

Important Notice to all Parents/Guardian and Cadets with Food Sensitivities or Non-Food related Anaphylaxis:


  1. Recent events and experience indicate that the previously used parental waiver form "Participation by a Cadet with Food Allergies" regarding cadets with food sensitivities, does not fully meet the medical and legal realities oftoday's society. Regarding cadets with food sensitivities and other life-threatening allergies, the Canadian Cadet Organizations have adopted the following new forms:


    1. Participation of Cadets with Food Sensitivities;


    2. Participation of Cadets with Non-Food  Related Anaphylaxis;


    3. Anaphylaxis Consent Form for the CanadianCadet Organizations; and


    4. Anaphylaxis EmergencyPlan.


  2. The aim of the new forms is to provide parents and guardians with the necessary information to allow an informed decision to be made about participation  in cadet training and activities where exposure to allergens can occur. In addition, these new forms will ensure that Staff member who supervise these cadets are aware of cadets with life-threatening allergies allowing them to react effectively in the event of an emergency.


  3. If a cadet has a severe allergic reaction, decisions regarding the cadet's continued participation in any cadet activity are scrupulously made by our medical staff. A cadet who has a severe allergic reaction will be carefully examined by our medical staff and could be returned home if the cadet has been evaluated as unfit to continue their training or activity.


  4. Regardless of any previous forms you may have completed, the enclosed new forms, must be completed for a cadet with food-related sensitivities or non-food related anaphylaxis to attend a Cadet Training Centre this summer. Commanding Officers will ensure that the previous forms are destroyed and replaced with these new forms.


  5. Our goal is to ensure that as many cadets as possible are able to attend summer training and profit from the activities offered in a safe manner. We have first and foremost, the health and safety of all cadets in mind; it is of prime importance when conducting cadet training and activities.