Cadet Training Centre (CTC) FAQ
==> I hear we get paid to go to Summer Training?

A training bonus of $10 per day is paid to every cadet for each day of training they complete (to a weekly maximum of $60, and a course maximum of $360). Depending on the course and CSTC, this may be paid upon completion of the course, or portions of the bonus may be paid during the course.

Staff Cadets are paid a daily rate, varying depending on their rank, starting at $68/day and up to $92/day.

==> Am I guaranteed to get a camp offer if I apply?

No. Each corps is allotted a certain number of positions for each course and no one is guaranteed to get in. We will attempt to make sure that we get as many cadets to camp as we can. In some cases, you may have to drive your son/daughter to Blackdown the day that the course started, so it’s never too late. Camp offers sometimes come out sporadically, but we will let the cadet know as soon as we know – generally around March/April/May timeframe.



==> Can I visit my cadet? Can I call?

Visits are encouraged but it’s recommended on a Sunday as that’s a ‘day off’ for cadets.
For 2 week GT courses, it's highly recommend to not sign out your son/daughter as there is lots of activities/training occurring in those two weeks. Cadets will benefit more if they remain on the CTC grounds the entire two weeks while minimizing distractions from the entire 2 week experience.
Cadets on 3 and 6 week courses can also be signed out for day or overnight leave by their parents or other, pre arranged adults.
There are payphones at all CTCs, cadets will need a calling card to use the payphones. Cadets may also bring their cell phones, however they are locked up and are only available for sign-out during specific times and these times can change depending on the goings on at the CTC.


==> If I don’t go on GT, will I be able to apply for other courses in coming years?

Absolutely, GT is a good intro to CTC life and I’d recommend it for all cadets, but you can apply for courses in future years if you wish even without going on GT.



==> What do cadets need to bring to the CTC?

The joining instructions (JIs) will be released before the start of summer training. This document covers most of the requirements and information about the CTC.



==> What if my cadet needs medication or gets sick or injured at the CTC?

All medications are locked up in the company office and are administered under the supervision of adult staff. Cadets that require inhalers, Epi-Pens or similar medication will keep them on their person at all times. Unfortunately, cadets do have some medical issues as camp, but all CTCs are staffed by nurses and CF med-techs to provide first aid and some more advanced medical assistance. For cases that require a hospital, cadets will be transported by DND vehicle or ambulance, as required.


==> I can earn School Credits?

Summer Cadet COOP