Summer CTC Training

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February 19, 2020 - Summer CTC Course Schedule

General Training (GT) Course (1 week)
  • Basic Drill & Ceremonial  (DC) Course (3 weeks)
  • Basic Expedition (Exp) Course (3 weeks)
  • Basic Fitness & Sports (F&S) Course (3 weeks)
  • Basic Marksmanship (Mark) Course (3 weeks)
  • Basic Pipes Band Music (P Band BM) Course (3 weeks)
  • Instructor (DC, EXP, F&S, ARM, P Band IM/AM, FBM) Courses (6 weeks)
  • Advanced Courses, Staff Cadets, and Exchanges (3 to 7 weeks)

  • 2020 ARMY CADET Summer Training Opportunities pamphlet


    Application process for 2020 Summer CTC Training courses have commenced. If you have question, please see Capt Barrieau.

    All Summer Training selection need to be submitted and are due by February 3, 2020.  If you submit an application after the deadline, you will be at the bottom of the applicant priority list.

    Note: This year, the following change has been implemented:  1 week course for General Training at Trenton. Dates for our CORPS have not been finalized.

    Dates for 1 Week and 3 week CTC Course will be posted shortly.

    For Course Start Date below, please note that it may be plus one or two days prior to the Course Start Date to allow transportation from home to CTC. You will be informed the exact timings for transportation (in the Transportation section).

    Summer training courses range in length from 1 to 7 weeks. Individual courses focus on drill and ceremonial, fitness and sports, marksmanship, music, and expedition training. Courses for #2525 cadets are primarily held at three Cadet Training Centres (CTCs): Blackdown CTC (at CFB Borden, near Barrie), Trenton CTC, and Connaught CTC (at Connaught Ranges, near Ottawa). Applications for summer courses start and are due by February 3, 2020.  Selections start to be announced in April, on a rolling basis. Most cadets who apply are selected for summer courses, but due to limited availability, not all cadets may be selected. Cadets are selected on the basis of attendance, cadet level, previous courses, and training performance.

    Summer Training Opportunities
    All courses and prerequisites are outlined in the document below. To be eligible for a summer 2020 course, new cadets must join the cadet program by January 31, 2020. As a general guide, cadets normally progress as follows:
    • General Training (GT) Course (1 weeks: 1st-year cadets who are aged 12 to 13 during the summer
    • Basic Drill & Ceremonial  (DC) Course (3 weeks): 1st-year cadets who are aged 14 to 15 during the summer
    • Basic (DC, EXP, F&S, Mark, P Band BM) Courses (3 weeks): 2nd and 3rd-year cadets
    • Instructor (DC, EXP, F&S, ARM, P Band IM/AM, FBM) Courses (6 weeks): 3rd and 4th-year cadets
    • Advanced Courses, Staff Cadets, and Exchanges (3 to 7 weeks): 4th-year cadets and up


    Cancelled Applications
    Cadets who do not provide sufficient notice about cancelling their participation in a summer course or who no-show on the day of departure will be placed at the bottom of the priority list for the next year's summer training applications.