CIC Officer Duty Schedule

  • It's for duty from Monday morning (0001hrs) to the following Sunday (2359hrs).
  • If you are on duty, Monday nights cadets arrive around 1815hrs. Please be onsite for 1815hrs for supervision.
  • If you are on duty, you would need to remain until all cadets have been picked up. Track any late comers and especially repeat offenders.
  • If there's an activity, and the OPI of the activity is unable to attend, and with advanced warning and agreement between all parties, the on duty officer would cover supervision of the activity.
==> Please review the schedule and if there are any conflicts, please discuss amongst yourselves to swap and/or substitute/cover for supervision.

 Dates (from - to)

 CIC Officer

*Christmas Standdown from December xxth, 2020 till January xxth, 2021.

*Summer Standdown from June xxth, 2021 till first week in September 2021.