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The Ontario Regiment 2525 Army Cadet Corps prides itself on maintaining excellence in the standards of our uniform. 

The Army Cadet uniform is provided free of charge to cadets. Cadets must maintain it according to standards and must return it upon leaving the cadet program (either when they age out of if they choose to leave the program). Cadets are not issued their uniforms immediately. While the cadets are on the Recruit Course they are required to wear a white dress shirt, plain black pants (no jeans), and comfortable shoes. This is their 'recruit uniform' and is to be provided by the parents/Guardian. A blue Corps T-shirt will be provided over the first couple weeks of joining, and the Blue Corps T-shirt would be worn instead of the white dress shirt moving forward until they receive their cadet uniform.                     


Uniforms are provided free of charge, and every attempts are made to provide it to the cadet within the first couple weeks. In some case, it may take additional time as items may need to be ordered. Uniforms can also be exchanged free of charge for a different size as the cadet grows. Cadets are responsible for their uniforms. They must be kept clean and pressed, with boots shined and all badges and rank insignia properly fastened.  Uniforms are property of the Cadet Corps and must be returned when the cadet resigns or ages out.  A full uniform includes: leather boots, pants, belt, short sleeve shirt, socks, tunic, beret and winter jacket.  At times, back orders of uniform parts can extend the 4-6 week estimate substantially.

Cadet Field Training Uniform (FTU/combats) clothing is being distributed as quickly as possible to the cadets. There are limited numbers and sizes available at this time, but we are trying to ensure all cadets are equipped with a Cadet Field Training Uniform (FTU/combats) uniform as quickly as possible. The Cadet Field Training Uniform (FTU/combats) provided by the Corps is on loan and all Cadet uniform guidelines are to be followed. The Cadet Field Training Uniform (FTU/combats) is used during Field Training Exercises and on some Cadet events. Please note that the Cadet Field Training Uniform (FTU/combats) is recommended only and is not a mandatory requirement for any exercise (unless specified). Civilian clothing (Civvies/see below) is an acceptable alternative unless the Cadet Field Training Uniform (FTU/combats) is requested as the specific and only Dress of the Day. 

Here are the documents which will guide you to achieving the very best possible appearance.


Where badges are sewn on cadet tunic sleeves:

ANNEX A - Numbered Dress
C1A (C1)- Ceremonial

C3B - Service Dress

* No Tunic

C5E - Sports Gear

C2 - Mess Dress

* No Name Tag, Webbing

C3F - Service Dress

* No Tunic - TShirt

C3 - Service Dress

* Ribbons


* Field Dress

ANNEX D - Badges
Here you can see a complete list of all the badges and pins that could be worn on the uniform, and perhaps more importantly, which badges you can earn!
ANNEX F - Illustrated References

This excellent document illustrates where to put your badges, how to wear your hair and beret, how to lace your boots, proper placement of pins and medals, and much more!