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2015/10/17 - EOA orienteering competition / congratulation

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The Eastern Ontario Area(EOA) Orienteering competition which was held on October 17h, 2015 was quite successful. 
The weather stayed cool with some light snow but not much...ideal for Orienteering. 

There were 304 cadets in attendance (an increase of approx 60cadets from last year) from varies Army, Sea, and Air Corps throughout Ontario.  
An excellent performance and learning opportunity by all who attended.

From our Corps, the following Cadets were successfully ranked amongst their peers:

  • Devin Hughes   1st place, Junior Male Individual
    • We would also like to congratulate the following Cadets who participated in this event:

      • O’Brien, Justin (Male Team)
      • Hughes, Devon (Male Team)
      • Gomes, Guiseppe (Male Team)
      • Ganesham, Amsha (Female Team)
      • Jing, Amy (Female Team)
      • Le, Cynthia (Female Team)
      • Bennett, Megan (Female Individual)
      • Skukla, Bhavya (Male Individual)
      • Adams, Brandon (Male Individual)