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1. A team is composed of FIVE (5) PLAYERS, (1) player must be of the opposite gender and on the court at all times.

2. The ball is in PLAY when:

a) The official takes position to administer a jump ball;

b) The official takes position to administer a throw-in, and

c) On an out-of -bounds situation the ball is at disposal of the player who returns

it to play (throws it in)

3. a)The ball comes ALIVE, when:

b) After having reached its highest point in a jump ball it is tapped by the first player, and

c) On a throw-in from out-of-bounds, it touches a player in the court.

4. The ball is DEAD when:

a) Any basket is made;

b) Any violation occurs;

c) A held ball occurs;

d) A foul occurs while the ball is alive or in play; and

e) Approximately 24 seconds elapsed without an attack, delay of game

5. Basketball is played with the hands. It is therefore a violation when the ball is hit with the FOOT.

6. A player is OUT OF BOUNDS when any bodily part touches outside the limits of the court. The same rule applies to the ball if it touches the end line or the side line.

7. After having dribbled once, you cannot DRIBBLE again unless the ball was touched by an opponent, the ball touched the basket or the backboard, or someone slapped the ball out of your hands.


a) Neither jumper shall tap the ball before it reaches its highest point;

b) Either jumper may tap the ball only twice; and

c) The eight non-jumpers have to remain outside the circle until the ball has been tapped.

9. A HELD BALL shall be declared and the alternating possession system will be used to put the ball back in play, this will ensue when:

a) Two or more players of opposing teams have one or both hands firmly on the ball;

b) Last touched simultaneously by two opponents;

c) The officials are in doubt as to who last touched the ball; and

d) Whenever the ball lodges on the basket support.

10. A player cannot remain for more than THREE SECONDS in the free throw area. This is defined as the area between the end line and the free throw line. The THREE SECOND restriction is in force in all out-of-bounds situations and the count shall start at the moment the player throwing in is out-of-bound and has possession of the ball.

11. When a team gains control of the ball on the court, a try for a basket must be made within 24 SECONDS or a delay of game call could be signalled.

12. The ball may not re-enter the BACKCOURT after it has been played across the centre line for any reason including a throw-in, rebounds and interceptions, excluding jump ball situations at the centre circle.

13. A PLAYER CAN ADVANCE WITH THE BALL in the following cases:

a) A player who receives the ball when stopped can use either foot as a pivot;

b) A player who receives the ball while in movement, or when they terminate their dribble can use two steps to stop or get rid of the ball; and

c) A player who has the ball cannot lift their pivot foot before the ball has left their hand to dribble.


15. A FREE THROW ATTEMPT is rewarded when a foul is committed. The free throw will be made within 5 seconds after the ball has been placed at the disposal of the free thrower at the line. The player who is to attempt the free throw shall not touch the free throw line or beyond that until the ball touches the rim. No player shall disturb the thrower before the ball is released by the shooter.

16. If the violation is done by an opponent and if the throw is successful, the goal counts and the violation is disregarded. If it is not successful, a substitute throw shall be attempted by the same thrower.

17. A TECHNICAL FOUL is called when any player:

a) Disrespects or makes contact with any one of the officials;

b) Uses foul language or gestures;

c) Baits an opponent or obstructs their vision in an unsafe manner;

d) Delays the game; and

e) Dunking, hanging off the rims or slapping the backboard.

18. A foul shall be charged and recorded and two free throws awarded.

a) There will only be a total of 5 fouls permitted by each team. This includes personal fouls. All subsequent fouls will result in THE BONUS, a free throw by the opposing team.

19. Each team will have 8 Seconds to cross half court. Failure to do so will result in the other team gaining possession.

20. Each team will have 3 Seconds to in bound the ball. Failure to do so will result in the other team gaining possession.

Note: These rules serve the purpose for fair play among all teams participating. All referees are Officer Volunteers and are not professionally certified referees, but do have various degrees of knowledge and experience with the sport. Any misconduct by players, team captains, or escorting staff may result in a point for the other team or disqualification from the game.