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Program - Marksmanship

Cadet Air Rifle Marksmanship Program 

 Introduction to Cadet Air Rifle Marksmanship Program video (click on link)

Air Rifle Training

Air Rifle training was introduced to the Canadian Cadet Movement in the 1990s. The addition of air rifles reflects the need for an inexpensive, readily available marksmanship program.

The Canadian Cadet Movement's Air Rifle is the Daisy / Avanti 853C .177 Caliber Target Air Rifle. This Daisy model was created specifically for the Canadian Cadet Movement.

Because of the low muzzle velocity, the Daisy 853C is not classified as a firearm under the current Federal Gun Legislation. Our training always teaches to the higher standard, so even though the 853c is not a firearm we treat it as such. Following all the safety rules and guidlies of safe firearm handling (safety equipment, example glasses). A qualified Canadian Forces Range Safety Officer runs the range to a standard that is at least equal to the civilian standard, but in most cases excedes it. Air rifle ranges can be setup virtually anywhere. We routinely setup on our parade square, and in the field during Field Training Exercises.

The range is configured in 1.5 metre x 10 metre lanes. Cadets typically fire from the prone (laying down) position.

Click the following links:
Daisy 853C AIR RIFLE TRAINING MANUAL to learn more about the Cadet Air Rifle.
Proper Prone Position Techniques
Proper Standing Position Techniques / Standing Position Instruction Video


Qualifications Awarded

Qualifications are based on shooting 10 pellets onto two targets for all levels.The highest qualification attained during the year is retained. For a Marksman qualification, a cadet must obtain two groupings of 3 cm on two targets. For example:
























Bragging Corner  /  Congratulations

These will stay up until someone else scores higher.

Prone Section

MCPL Quong @ Closed Group Marksmanship - November , 2019

score of  95


Standing Section

MWO Noble @ Paul Bawden Competition November 23, 2019
score of 81


Kneeling Section

MWO Noble on March 5, 2020

Marksmanship References / Documentation
Part 1 Cadet Marksmanship Program Reference Manual
Part 2
Part 3 Unit Marksmanship Training Plan

Part 4 (Marksmanship Rules)
CCMMCS Amendments 26-Oct-081 (Marksmanship Rules-Amendments)
CCMMCS Amendments 2015 (18 Dec 2014)

Parts of an Air Rifle

Parts of an Air Rifle: (click on link)

Breathing Techniques
Breathing Technique Video

Standing Technique