Joining Instructions


Joining instructions provide cadets and parents with the necessary information for course participation.

They must be read in full, together with the specific annexes appropriate to the Cadet Training Centre (CTC) the cadet will be attending.

Transportation details will be provided prior to commencement of the course, but specific timings for departures and returns have not yet been announced. Please verify the Transportation section of the Summer CTC Training for further details.

The joining instructions contain all the forms, informations, etc... regarding Summer Training.

Please note that every cadet must be in possesion of  the following three mandatory items in order to board the bus:

  • their signed Offer, and   (note: if you don't have a copy, we will have a copy of the signed Offer to provide to the cadet when they board the bus)
  • transportation form, and
  • their health card
  • In addition, if cadet has Food Sensitivities or Non-Food related Anaphylaxis, see above for which additional forms you require.

 *Transportation Form MANDATORY - Must be handed in when boarding the bus to advise if your cadet will be returning on the bus or will be picked up at camp after graduation.

*Personal Articles Log (optional) - to record personal items brought with Cadet (ie. ipod, etc).  Remember the CTC nor the 2525 Cadet Corps will be held responsible for items lost or stolen.

*Over the Counter Prescribed Medication (only if required) - Prescriptions MUST be in the original prescription bottle with the cadets name on it and only contain enough for the duration of the camp. 

*Leave Consent and Parential Direction (optional) - complete this form if someone other than a parent will be picking up the Cadet from camp.