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2017 Summer Training Centre Information

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Joining Instruction can be found below........

Important Notice to all Parents/Guardian ad Cadets with Food Sensitivities or Non-Food related Anaphylaxis:




  1. Recent events and experience indicate that the previously used parental waiver form "Participation by a Cadet with Food Allergies" regarding cadets with food sensitivities, does not fully meet the medical and legal realities oftoday's society. Regarding cadets with food sensitivities and other life-threatening allergies, the Canadian Cadet Organizations have adopted the following new forms:


    1. Participation of Cadets with Food Sensitivities;


    2. Participation of Cadets with Non-Food  Related Anaphylaxis;


    3. Anaphylaxis Consent Form for the CanadianCadet Organizations; and


    4. Anaphylaxis EmergencyPlan.


  2. The aim of the new forms is to provide parents and guardians with the necessary information to allow an informed decision to be made about participation  in cadet training and activities where exposure to allergens can occur. In addition, these new forms will ensure that Staff member who supervise these cadets are aware of cadets with life-threatening allergies allowing them to react effectively in the event of an emergency.


  3. If a cadet has a severe allergic reaction, decisions regarding the cadet's continued participation in any cadet activity are scrupulously made by our medical staff. A cadet who has a severe allergic reaction will be carefully examined by our medical staff and could be returned home if the cadet has been evaluated as unfit to continue their training or activity.


  4. Regardless of any previous forms you may have completed, the enclosed new forms, must be completed for a cadet with food-related sensitivities or non-food related anaphylaxis to attend a Cadet Training Centre this summer. Commanding Officers will ensure that the previous forms are

    destroyed and replaced with these new forms.


  5. Our goal is to ensure that as many cadets as possible are able to attend summer training and profit from the activities offered in a safe manner. We have first and foremost, the health and safety of all cadets in mind; it is of prime importance when conducting cadet training and activities.

Joining Instructions

A - Those cadets attending Blackdown CTC, click here Blackdown_CTC_Joining_Instructions

B - Those cadets attending Connaught CTC, click here Connaught_CTC_Joining_Instructions

C - Staff Cadet Joining Instructions 

The joining instructions contain all the forms, informations, etc... regarding Summer Training.

Please note that every cadet must be in possesion of  the following three mandatory items in order to board the bus:

  • their signed Offer, and   (note: if you don't have a copy, we will have a copy of the signed Offer to provide to the cadet when they board the bus)
  • transportation form, and
  • their health card
  • In addition, if cadet has Food Sensitivities or Non-Food related Anaphylaxis, see above for which additional forms you require.

 *Transportation Form MANDATORY - Must be handed in when boarding the bus to advise if your cadet will be returning on the bus or will be picked up at camp after graduation.

*Personal Articles Log (optional) - to record personal items brought with Cadet (ie. ipod, etc).  Remember the CTC nor the 2525 Cadet Corps will be held responsible for items lost or stolen.

*Over the Counter Prescribed Medication (only if required) - Prescriptions MUST be in the original prescription bottle with the cadets name on it and only contain enough for the duration of the camp. 

*Leave Consent and Parential Direction (optional) - complete this form if someone other than a parent will be picking up the Cadet from camp.


D - When leaving for Summer Camp : 

  • Cadets are to arrive in SHORT ORDER DRESS C2A (no tunic or tie, so do not bring them to camp).  
  • Bring your field training uniform (FTU) and boots (if you do not have an FTU and/or boots, one will be provided to you at camp).  


E - Bus Timings
      1) Bus Timings for Cadets attending Connaught CTC

All Departures (and Returns) and bus pick up's will be from the Landmark Cinemas 24 Whitby on Consumers Road West of Thickson Road in the south east corner of the parking lot behind Pro Life Hockey beside Chuckie Cheese.

Click here for Landmark Cinemas 24 Whitby map.

Leaving and Return timings will be confirmed closer to the date of departures/arrivals.

Departures for Camp:

          • For Connaught:  Sunday July 9th, 2017 @ 0645hrs (Bus leaves @ 0730hrs(7:30am))
                • Bus # 2604Afor Connaught CTC

        Returning back from Camp:

              • For Basic Marksmanship: Friday July 28th, 2017 @ 1830hrs  Bus#6112A


                  2 ) Bus Timings for Cadets attending Blackdown CTC

          All Departures (and Returns) and bus pick up's will be from the Landmark Cinemas 24 Whitby on Consumers Road West of Thickson Road in the south east corner of the parking lot behind Pro Life Hockey beside Chuckie Cheese.

          Click here for Landmark Cinemas 24 Whitby map.

          Leaving and Return timings will be confirmed closer to the date of departures/arrivals.

          Departures for Camp:

          GT Serial #C:           xxxxxxx, 2017 @ xxxxhrs (Bus leaves @ xxxxhrs)

          • This is for the cadets participating in the 2 week General Training Serial #C.
          • Bus # xxxxx for Blackdown CT.


          Returning back from Camp:

          • General Training (2 weeks) / Serial A: Friday July 21, 2017 @ 1545hrs (Bus#5241A)
          • Basic Level Training (3 weeks): Friday July 28th, 2017 @ 1645hrs  Bus#5248C
          • Instructor Level Training (6 weeks) & 3rd GT Serial: August xx, 2017 @ xxxxhrs

        • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
        • F - Graduation Ceremony

          The graduation ceremonies for all courses are located in the joining instructions (see page A-2/3)..  

          G- COURSE DATES (Exclusive of travel)
          COURSE TITLE                                                                 BEGINS               ENDS
          General Training (Duration 2 Weeks)
          General Training (Serial 1)                                                 10 July                 21 July
          General Training (Serial 2)                                                 24 July                 4 Aug
          General Training (Serial 3)                                                 7 Aug                   17 Aug

          Specialized Training (Duration 3 Weeks)
          Basic Expedition (Serial 1)                                                    10 July                 28 July
          Basic Expedition (Serial 2)                                                     31 July                17 Aug
          Basic Fitness & Sport - Tri-Service (Serial 1)                        10 July                29 July
          Basic Fitness & Sport - Tri-Service (Serial 2)                        31 July                 17 Aug
          Basic Drill and Ceremonial – Army (Serial 1)                       10 July                 28 July
          Basic Drill and Ceremonial – Army (Serial 2)                       31 July                   17 Aug
          Military Band: Basic Musician - Air and Army (Serial 1)     10 July                 28 July
          Military Band: Basic Musician - Air and Army (Serial 2)     31 July                   17 Aug
          Pipes & Drums: Basic Musician - Air & Army (Serial 1)      10 July                 28 July
          Pipes & Drums: Basic Musician - Air & Army (Serial 2)      31 July                  17 Aug

          Instructor Training (Duration 6 Weeks)
          Drill and Ceremonial Instructor                                           10 July                 17 Aug
          Expedition Instructor                                                           10 July                   17 Aug
          Fitness & Sports Instructor                                                 10 July                   17 Aug
          Military Band: Intermediate Musician - Tri-Service             10 July                 17 Aug
          Military Band: Advanced Musician                                      10 July                 17 Aug
          Pipes & Drums : Advanced Musician                                  10 July                 17 Aug
          Pipes and Drums, Intermediate Musician - Air and Army    10 July                 17 Aug


          Summer COOP Program

          ==> Would you like to earn Secondary School Credits for your time at Cadet Summer Training? (Click link to find out more details)

          Summer’s cadet co-op! We will be back at it again and hope to include even more cadets from all over Ontario.  

          Registration forms can be found at:  or



          Pre-Placement work is not active yet. This section will become active once closer to the summer.


          All cadets may apply, regardless of which school or school board they belong to. UCDSB is simply the administrators of the program. Reports cards will get sent to the cadets’ home school at the end of the summer.


          Keeping in touch

          Blackdown Facebook: Blackdown Cadets on Facebook

          Connaught Facebook: Connaught Cadets on Facebook


          Registrations for the Cadet Summer Training Camp have started. Registrations have been submitted but if you are interested and/or have changes to your Summer Training submissions, please contact Lt. Leduc as soon as possible.
          See timelines and camp selections/summary below.

          For Cadet Summer Training Camp information, please 
          click on the following link for the 2017 Army CTC pamphlet
          Further details on the Cadet Summer Training Camp will be posted on the 2525 WEB Site as soon as they become available.